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Yoga in the Wild - January 31st/February 1st and 2nd - 3 day Retreat with El Karama Lodge, Laikipia

We love retreats here. The narrative on these wild spaces is often exclusively weighted towards their land use purpose be it for wildlife, livestock, tourism, food production, all of those things, but what we rarely hear people rarely talk about - in this East African context - are the enormous health benefits experiencing natural, wild and biodiverse areas can have for your general well being and mental health.

With the increasingly fast-paced, reactive, indoor, technology driven world people are living in, we feel strongly that finding the outdoors in all its forms is essential for the spirit. There is nothing quite like tiptoeing out of your comfort zone and reclaiming your ancient instincts by exploring the natural world. Our connection with the earth, with simplicity, with natural rhythms, nature's sounds and smells are all part of what we celebrate during our retreats....

So why not permit yourself a 3 day switch off for mindfulness, immerse yourself in the natural world, detox your mind. Eat light clean food, picked by hand, in a homegrown, organic environment and prepared with love. Wake early with the morning with the light and the bird song and get outside and stretch until the sun wakes up and warms you. Days filled with practice, learning, silent walks, meditation, music, collective engagement of all your senses. Fine tune your body for a new year and make some new friends....!

Our next retreat is January 31st/Feb 1st/Feb 2nd 2020 ... with certified Yoga Instructor Nikki de Marchi - visit our website events section for the full information on Nikki, her teacher bio and the retreat details. To book please contact us on :

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