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Wild Walking Weekend March 3/4/5 2023 - 2 nights...1 night lodge stay, 1 night fly camping...

Hosted by the El Karama walking guides, we have created the perfect peaceful weekend retreat for up to 8 adults focussed on walking, retreating and exploring on foot. Engage more deeply with this incredible eco system taking in and learning about the plants, birds, wildlife and get yourself moving.

This weekend retreat is a combo of our lodge stay on night 1 and a fly camping on night 2 with open fire cooking under the stars and the simplicity of sleeping in mozzie domes on campbeds.

Space is limited 8 pax maximum space, walking standard is easy to medium a maximum of 3 hour walks at one time. Email us to book your spot for an early bird rate (this rate expires by February 20th):

Walking in the wild is a truly nurturing experience, one that plugs your body and mind into a slower, natural rhythm that allows you to be quiet, to observe and to learn by zoning in on the smaller details the bush can offer.

With this dry weather we are seeing mind-blowing sunrises, sunsets and night skies. With this clarity in the atmosphere, our wildlife sightings in this dry time are exciting and our see-through netted dome tents is a sure fire way to feel alive. The cool clear mornings, the thick dusty tracks leaving perfect signs for us as we explore: leopard, lion, giraffe and plains game, whether it's tracks or spoor ending up in the magical sightings, the stories are there every single day we step out into the conservancy for our next adventure.

Day 1 - Arrival day

Arrive for lunch or teatime at the lodge and settle into your rooms, unplug, unpack, enjoy the pool and camp environs until 5pm where you will head out for a game drive and sundowners to get to know your guides and the group. Two private vehicles with 4 pax in each, attentive, personalised guiding with our wonderful team will meet up after spotting wildlife on this first experience.

Expect to find buffalo, elephant and hippo near the water holes and Northern species such as Grevy Zebra, Gerenuk and Vulturine guinea fowl as you explore the 14,000 acres that is to be your home for the weekend.

Day 2: Main Walking Day

Set off on foot from the Lodge by 6am to experience the sunrise and begin your adventure. Explore for the next 3 hours the wildlife that this incredible private wildlife conservancy has to offer. Check out the dry river beds for hand axes and signs of Stone Age man, learn about the bush and browse that sustains over 88 mammal species, 433 bird species and so many iconic creatures. Learn about the work of the conservancy and its dynamic vision for the future.

As the sun begins to rise and the heat grows, by 9am you will find a delicious bush breakfast or home-grown organic produce waiting for you under the shade of the trees near water.

Smoothies, avocado toast, organic eggs and bacon, whatever your choose it will be fresh, homegrown and hearty.

After you've relaxed over breakfast and the sun is beginning to climb, jump into your open game drive car and head back to the lodge for a swim, a massage and time to read or journal until the sun falls and you're ready to head back out.

Spend the hottest part of the day in the comfort of our lodge, learning how to bake bread, visit the drip irrigated garden where your food comes from or simply read your book in a swinging chair.

We will have a light lunch ready for you later on, full of salads and energising ingredients to fuel you for the next part of your day.

By 5pm, when it's cooler, you will set off again for a shorter walk this time in a different area, learning about the riverine habitat and the rocks of this region. The conservancy is sitting on the edge of the Laikipia lava plateau and the Mount Kenya region and boasts two different soil types, making the eco system a biodiverse one. Ask any question you want as you traverse the landscape, after an hour and a half of walking you will end up at your wild fly camp where refreshing sundowners will be waiting for you.

Have your food cooked on the open fires under the stars, share stories with your group and the guides and go to sleep on camp beds covered in mosquito netted domes listening for hyena and lion.

Day 3 Final Day:

Wake early and have coffee, tea and breakfast snacks to get you going by the fire. Set off by 615 am for your final walk until you reach a very special spot where the cars will meet you, ready to take you back to camp for an early brunch spread by the pool.

Take some time to relax before you check out to swim and pack, if you have chosen later check out why not have a massage in our Bush Spa before heading back home feeling refreshed and filled the spirit of the bush.

If you're not ready to leave yet, add a third night with 20% off our published rates and leave for work early the next morning!

Book your spaces now. Why not put a group together of friends you know and make it really special :

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