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The Ultimate Family Adventure on Foot: El Karama and Karisia Walking Safaris team up...

Our activities, the incredible biodiversity of El Karama Conservancy is something we are always wanting to cherish and celebrate with our guests. The spirit of our offering is always connecting and Rewilding people in the most essential ways.

Our job is to scoop you up from your busy lives and reground your spirits by connecting your feet to the soil, your hearts to nature and your eyes to the amazing landscapes, people and creatures around you.

In this spirit, we have expanded our current combo safari with Africa's Best Walking Safari outfit Karisia Walking Safaris to include an inspiring and intrepid walking adventure connecting their operation with ours, but exclusively on foot. Suitable for adventurous travellers who want to get out of their comfort zone and truly immerse in this environment both with their guides and the landscapes around them.

There is no more visceral way to do this than to walk, cook, eat and sleep under the stars. The route we have developed will pass through some of central Laikipia's most stunning landscapes. We are combining majestic pinnacles and kopjes near Tumaren Camp, Karisia's HQ, where guests can walk and rock climb with Karisia's amazing team to the verdant galleys, escarpments and riverine habitat of the wider El Karama eco system. Guests will usually begin with the Karisia experience, walking over 4 days through a combination of rocky terrain, river systems and beautiful open plateaus dotted with Acacia Mellifera, Sanseviera, indigenous aloes and beautiful spreading Acacia Nilotica, passing through two more private concessions that offer some of Laikipia's most secret and special spots into the Northern reaches of El Karama, a lesser known area covering 4000 acres and punctuated with a stunning waterfall.

From here our team of guides from El Karama Lodge will guide you along the river, through some rocky gulleys and over the top onto the picturesque plains of El Karama Conservancy. One Laikipia's most successful re-wilding stories, this conservancy is privately owned and has minimal numbers of tourists ensuring that it remains a truly private and pristine part of this increcreible region.

With over 431 bird species on the list and over 80 mammals including endangered species such as Grevy's zebra, Reticulated Giraffe, Gerenuk and Wild dogs, walking here is a little like stepping back in time.

For the next three days of your safari you will get to experience all that El Karama Lodge has to offer: combine game drives and bush meals, farm visits and cooking classes, time spent by Kenya's first ever chemical free, natural swimming pool and walking up to herds of plains game, tracking lion.

It's all possible here. And for those of you who like to interact with our ranger teams, you can join their foot patrol and take part in the wildlife conservation activities such as monitoring daily. It's up to you how little or how much you want to see and do at this stage, because after a few days of serious walking and camping you might be ready for a little of our rustic luxury. The delicious farm to fork food, the quiet afternoons swimming and birding, checking out our rock hide by the dam and waiting for hippos in the moonlight...we will work with your group to see what you most enjoy and try our best to make it happen.

This trip is suitable for families with older kids - 14 year minimum recommended - or groups with a passion for adventure who like to walk on foot. If your children are in a younger age bracket, just talk to our reservations consultant and we can book a private back up vehicle to help younger kids when their legs get too tired!

Connecting two of Laikipia's most beloved re-wilding stories, with knowledgable, enthusiastic Kenyan guides, fun packed tented camps without the fuss, but all the comfort, incredible landscapes with abundant wildlife species, few people, it just doesn't get much better or more authentic than this. For the wild at heart...

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