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This lodge was founded originally by Murray Grant in 2006; if you read our Short History found in the lodge, you will learn that for two years he and a team of 50 strong men and women hauled stones from dry river beds, walked the land for the right pieces of dead, fallen wood to make the eaves and supporting structures and created every piece of original furniture by hand. It was and remains a true labour of love, that speaks of heartfelt commitment to protecting the intrinsic value and biodiversity of the natural world and working to a goal that ensures future generations will have the chance to see iconic species in their natural habitat. Murray's artistic skills were honed over childhood through his artist mother and rancher father. His wild childhood provided the perfect alchemy and over time his passion for sketching, sculpting and stalking animals in the bush transformed into a professional career as a bronze wildlife sculptor.

His work shows a depth and understanding that no other sculptor in his generation can show, every limb length, every wrinkle a true and life giving representation of the animals he observes in the wild, day in day out. Using the most cutting edge research techniques Murray has been responsible for compiling outstanding archives of images, IDs for species such as the extremely rare Mountain Bongo to his newest research on El Karama on Leopard individuals.

Through his research and collections he has been able to make direct contributions to wildlife projects all over this country and we are delighted that his pieces are in our lodge and that his private studio is located here. Visits are limited, but for those interested in collecting Art, it is most definitely a must on their safari Bucket List.

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