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El Karama Lodge and Covid-19 in Kenya

Our little email update is being finished as we speak and will be sent out in the next few days to agents and all our clients alike, but we wanted to touch base through the blog to just connect with those of you who follow us here or through our social media.

Kenya's first case of Covid was announced in early March, the last international flights out were banned from March 25th. Various necessary restrictions including a total Lock Down of the Nairobi area have followed.

We decided for the health and wellbeing of our staff team to close temporarily on March 18th and have, since then been observing a complete lock down. Aside from a small core team, helping Murray and I maintain the lodge environs/machines and gardens for vegetables the rest of our teams went home to safety and time with their families. We miss everyone and can't wait to have our dream team back together and our lodge functioning. But for now, however hard it is we know it has been the right decision.

The blogs that follow will share in reality time what we are up to; including which projects are continuing and thriving in this quiet but productive time, uplifting stories from us and the team including our attempts to make teaching videos for cooking colleagues stuck at home! But this blog is simple one to let you know that when things resume we have pledged the following to make it easier for you to visit us.

This lodge employs 25 staff and supports over 100 people outside of our boundaries through the supply chain, our outreach and our business relationships with artisans and entrepreneurs. Closing business affects so many people and it is going to take us some time to pick up the pieces and get everyone back in, but whatever happens we know that you are having tough times too and so to help you contemplate a safari with us -which is our lifeline to give to others - here is what we will make sure we do for you:

Our Promise:

-We will keep extend our 2020 International Rates for the whole of 2021.

-We will extend our Pay for 4 Stay for 3 on all our packages for the whole of 2020 and for at least the first season of 2021

-We will extend the 50% discount to teens of 18 years to 12 years on all packages, making family and multi-generational safaris even more affordable.

We hope that this will mean you will not hesitate to book your next safari once it becomes clear when it is safe to travel. And that you will come to us and share this special and magical place that is El Karama and see all those friendly, familiar faces once again!

Here's a few shots from the past few weeks, including our last supper with our final guests and the full team at our river spot, Celeste making the perfect little jolly waitress!

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