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This is a virtual /digital purchase only: by buying this virtual product valued at 300 USD, you are ensuring that El Karama Lodge guides can have one more unit to add to their research at on Leopard in Laikipia.  In collaboration with Murray Grant Bronzes Limited, El Karama Lodge guides are researching the Leopard population in this area using mirrors and cameras to find out the ID of each leopard and to understand their movements better.  This purchase will become the property of El Karama Lodge.

Virtual Purchase: Browning Special Ops Trail Camera

  • The Browning Special Ops camera : Night vision infrared allows camera to capture images and video at night 20 MP camera provides high depth imagesView images on 2 inch color viewing screen before importing them to your computer or TV80 foot detection range senses animals before they are in the cameras viewfinder0.4-0.7 second trigger speed quickly takes photos once animals are in range, with 0.6 second recovery time between photos.

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