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To us, curiosity, a sense of adventure and self-sufficiency are the crucial ingredients for truly transformative encounters.

We want you to experience this life as we do; wonder at the tiny tracks of dik diks on a sandy path, marvel at the light across the plains after a rainstorm, delight in harvesting avocados for lunch directly from the tree and most important of all, to take a step back from the pace of modern existence.

All of our guests are welcomed like family. Our hope is that through all our safari experiences, we can share the true value of this incredible wild space and inspire all those who visit.

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All tourism on El Karama Conservancy directly contributes to conservation of this eco system.


The teams who operated here are responsible for the stewardship and protection of this very special piece of habitat.


Sustainability is the main foundation of our ethos: how to fit, seamlessly, into this environment with a limited footprint, how to make real impact where it’s needed to people, wildlife and habitat.  



The lodge is owner–operated and was built by hand and created by Kenyan Wildlife Sculptor Murray Grant and his wife Sophie who continue to live here with their two children and many other animals! All guests are hosted by a charming and professional team of Kenyans, many of whom built the lodge.  We are all passionate about stewardship and biodiversity and welcome every guest to 'rewild' with us, reconnecting to this ancient landscape and gaining a deeper understanding of this incredible eco system through adventure!


Sophie Grant came to Kenya as a volunteer for the Good Earth Trust in 2006 and moved to El Karama 3 years later.  A Cambridge graduate and passionate about building value based businesses that benefit people and the environment she has spent 13 years overseeing El Karama Lodge and training its team. 


With a love for the food and growing,  walking and adventure this lodge is her labour of love.


Why is our lodge so special for families? 

Because it's run by one. This family has a strong creative heritage that can be seen in every part of the lodge life from art on the walls to the sculptures in the shared areas.

We believe in the power of the natural world to shape and inspire young people and our Bush School activity is focussed on bringing children a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting the natural world in their future. For Multigenerational safaris we have the perfect combination of active safaris on foot and horse back and the quieter slower safari experiences for those who prefer to take their time.


The Lodge is also home to one of Africa's most talented wildlife Sculptors, Murray Grant.

His private studio is located here and interested collectors of Fine Art can book to visit him in person:

www.murraygrantbronzes.com/ https://vimeo.com/438574652?ref=em-share

Murray Grant, a third generation Kenyan born on El Karama, now wildlife sculptor and conservationist. He is the Founder of El Karama Lodge and built the original parts of the lodge by hand back in 2006.  Together with Sophie and the team he has supported the lodge development over a 15 year ensuring that it generates positively and consistency to this vital eco system. 

He is now one of Africa's most respected wildlife sculptors and travels the continent in search of his ideal subjects.

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We take great pride in the team we have trained in the past 15 years and are privileged to have them by our side. All of them are Kenyans, some from nearby and some from further afield, all committed to high standards of service, hospitality and wildlife conservation. We have been together since the very beginning; indeed, our team hauled rocks with us, by hand, from the river bed to lay foundations and build the beginnings of this beloved lodge. As a result we are all deeply connected to the eco system in which we live and work together.  


"It is this personal connection that makes safaris here so special: Sophie and Murray and their team are committed to the long term success of the conservancy, we as guests could feel it in every detail and conversation, this place is the real thing..."


Our team are your hosts while you are with us, which means all guests walk away with a richer understanding of local culture in Kenya.  We all believe this is the most authentic way to experience the people of this country, so please, take the time to get to know us all on your safari.



This lodge has always been a magical labour of love. From when it began as a simple campsite by the river to the beautiful, experiential safari experience it is now, it has always been regarded as a testament to our collective passion for the natural world.