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*Farm to fork dining: visit the organic garden, orchard and working farm to see where your food comes from*

*Bush School for Kids: activities to engage and educate young minds on safari so that parents can relax!*

*Guided walking activities short and long with experienced and knowledgable guides*

*Open, canvas-topped safari cars for amazing game viewing experience*

*Private fly camping for under the stars adventures*

*Bush Meals and Open fire cooking*

*Full day adventures to the waterfall*

*Game drives and Night Drives with wildlife friendly spotlights*

*Fishing, Tracking, Boma visits to pet the lambs*

*Horse Riding: explore the landscape on horseback -  for experienced riders only*

*Wildlife viewing hide for photography next to a large dam*

*Interactive Conservation Activities: including Ranger Patrol, Tree Planting and School Visits*

*The Bush Kitchen for Cooking Experiences*

*The Spa for massage and beauty treatments*

*Reponsible Safari Itineraries curated by our team tailor- made for your group or family*

*Heli safaris to fish on Mount Kenya and explore the wild North*

*Visits to Community pwned and run Elephant Rehabilitation Sanctuary*

*Fixed-wing scenic flights to Mount Kenya, The Suguta Valley and the North*

*Day Visit by air to Community Run Black Rhino Tracking experience in Northern Kenya*


The perfect African safari destination with complete privacy in the wild and tailor-made Luxury for small groups, couples and families. 


This very private lodge is located in the foothills of Mount Kenya, in the heart of one of Kenya's most beautiful wildlife conservancies. With 14,000 acres of private land and views of over 200,000 acres, El Karama is one of Laikipia's most magical habitats. 


Home to several endemic and endangered species including the Grevy Zebra, Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Hippo, Aardwolf, Aardvark, African Hunting Dogs and many other mammals, birds, insects and plants.  The landscapes are vast, incredibly beautiful and the safari experience unforgettable. 


*8 Very Private Cottages made from beautiful hand-cut stone and intricate thatch with luxurious bath tubs made from stone*

*The Family Cottage or 'Hobbit House' has  2 bedrooms, a tree-house style 2nd floor mezzanine bedroom and large ensuite bathroom easily fitting 6 people* 

*4 Ensuite cosy Bandas with private river view verandas and cosy swinging chairs under the trees*

*The Rondavel: A beautiful stone house fitting 4 with a very private bathroom overlooking the river.  Outdoor seating area*

*2 Gorgeous high-roofed, thatched dining rooms with open log fires making every meal an experience to remember*

 *Private dining available: vegan and gluten free menus on request*

*Kenya's first chemical free-swimming pool*

*Games room, volleyball and Petanque (new in 2021!)*

*Swinging arm chairs with great views for bird watching and reading*


*A Luxury Camp set apart from the Main Lodge*

*2 Deluxe Cottages with large luxurious ensuite bathrooms including an outdoor stargazing bathtub and incredible views*

* A Private kitchen, dining room//bar, fire pit and Private Cook and Waiter* 

*Open fire pit under the fever trees for tasty "bitings", cold beer and moonlit cocktails! *

*Exclusive Salt Lick and Private Viewing Hide attracting Elephant, buffalo and other game right next to your camp - great for Photography* NEW IN 2021



Guests have almost total freedom and privacy here: whether you like to walk, fly camp under the stars, game drive, night drive, track on foot with guides, horse ride, fish, visit the working farm, pick your vegetables in our organic garden, have cooking lessons or engage with our wildlife conservation activities with the rangers, the El Karama Lodge team will make it all possible.  Long stays are encouraged.


BUSH SCHOOL: created for children (and parents!) is an adventure kids club focussed on educating and 'rewilding' children during their safari meaning that parents can kick back relax from 1030am until 1230 each day knowing their little ones are fully occupied with our team.

THE BUSH KITCHEN and THE SHAMBA: Our interactive barn-style kitchen and organic garden and farm set up ensures that farm to fork food is at your finger tips and for curious foodies cooking classes are never far away.

THE SPA: The Spa experience has arrived just in time: offering the luxury of massage, body scrubs and simple beauty treatments overlooking the river in a private location under canvas. All 

products used are paraben free and made in Kenya.

THE STUDIO: Murray Grant, the Lodge Founder and Co-Director of El Karama Conservancy has his private sculpture studio right next to the lodge.  Interested collectors of Fine Art can stay in the lodge, learn about his process and see his bronze artwork and renowned photographic research. To find out more visit about Murray's work  www.murraygrantbronzes.com

EL KARAMA WILD: a brand new experience for 2021 onwards, the team have created a long distance, fully immersive walking and fly camping experience with a new fixed light weight camp.  Perfect for adventurous guests who want to combine a lodge stay with longer walking experiences in this fascinating experience, the expertly guided walking experience is the perfect combination safari with a lodge stay. WALK.LEARN.EXPLORE.

OTHER TRIPS: Our guests can enjoy unique day and combination trips with our partners to  visit iconic community run Black Rhino havens or fly up in a private plane to an incredible Elephant Rehabilitation Sanctuary in the Matthews Range.  Once in a life time Helicopter trips to fly-fish on Mount Kenya or to connect with remote fly camping and quad bikes in the sandy river beds of North Kenya with expert guides.  We will share all our best knowledge and contacts with you to ensure that anything you do outside of El Karama keeps building on what you have done here.


To discuss our unique itineraries just email us: reservations@elkaramalodge.com

 The Ultimate Rewilding Experience. Hosted by some of Kenya's finest. 


The wildlife experience here is world–class, offering immersive and very private experiences, with abundant daily sightings of iconic East African Wildlife including Leopard, Lion, Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Grevy Zebra and Reticulated Giraffe and much more...  Recognised as a Globally Important Bird Area, our guests can explore this stunning landscape on foot with experienced guides, by car in open canvas topped vehicles, on horse back and under the stars with our exclusive fly camp adventure.  With only one lodge inside the conservancy, this level of privacy in Kenya is unparalleled. 

Interactive conservation projects for guests to be involved here in include El Karama Lodge's unique Leopard Mirrors, Lion behaviour research and monitoring through Lion Landscapes and a lodge-funded Reforestation and Seed Bank for the Acacia Nilotica tree species.


Families on safari can enjoy Laikipia's first Bush School for Kids, which means parents can relax in the knowledge that between 1030am and 1230 each day children are busy and happy in the bush with our educators.


The lodge is also a hub for Wellness Retreats and Education Safaris: we offer courses led by expert tutors throughout the year, ranging from Yoga, Pilates, Cooking, Guide Training, Birding, Botany and Entomology.


Protecting this habitat since 1964 through small sustainable business

This private conservancy has been stewarding this habitat since 1964 when it began. This family has always had a passion for protecting wildlife and supporting biodiversity through holistic management and sustainability. 


"A wildlife safari here is so much more than a vacation: it was a vital life experience for our family..."


El Karama Lodge is family-owned and run.  The guest experience is truly bespoke and thanks to a very warm and hospitable team of 23 Kenyans guests can enjoy the luxury of tailor made experiences here.

Know for it's commitment to sustainability: this lodge pioneered the use of renewable green technologies in Laikipia including their state of the art solar system and a gorgeous  chemical- free swimming pool in the heart of the Lodge.

With a strict local procurement strategy, our tourism model supports a multitude of artisans and entrepreneurs in the region.  The organic garden and homestead run by Sophie Grant ensures that all our food is organic, homegrown and farm to fork.

The Lodge operations are not currently supported by any donor funding.  We believe in the power of small business and thanks to continuous innovation on the ground this safari business ensures that if we rise, we rise together.

All guests who visit become a part of our journey and their stay contributes directly to conservation here.


Arriving at El Karama Lodge, is like walking into a unique bush home. The privacy, freedom, the authentic feel of a lodge that offers every comfort without feeling detached from surroundings.


You will head out every day in search of adventure, gazing over vast rollings plains, stunning riverine habitat, rocky escarpments and a dramatic waterfall, this landscape provides it all.  Whether you like getting out on foot, in vehicles, sleeping under the stars, cooking on open fires or simply sitting patiently at the rock hide with your camera and binoculars waiting for hippos or water birds, our team will make it happen.  Private vehicle use is no problem for us as are private meal experiences, day trips and well being (Massage, Yoga). ) Just let us know when you book.

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Since we first began building the lodge back in 2006, it has grown organically into a beautiful, self-sustaining eco-lodge well-loved by visitors from all over the world.

Sophie and Murray and their team have put time and energy into this very special place, and welcome their guests to enjoy a taste of life in the wilderness. Their hope is that time spent in natural world has the power to inspire, invigorate and create well-being for all travellers in search of that all import personal connection and adventure.

"Our core philosophy is sustainability. We have a collective responsibility as stewards of this landscape and welcome all guests to actively take part in this journey."

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Our primary goal as an eco lodge is to protect Kenya's wildlife through the revenue generated by eco-tourism.  

Private conservancies  that provide safe haven to wildlife in this country do so at their own cost and there are many different conservation models out there, ours is fairly unique in that we receive no donor funding or outside support in what we are doing,, choosing sustainable and diversified business as our models to implement our habitat management strategies.   This habitat is home to 4 of the Big 5 and several endangered and indigenous species to Laikipia including Reticulated Giraffe, Grevy Zebra, Gerenuk and the Laikipia Hartebeeste.  This small business was created to help cover the cost of protecting this habitat.  Guests who visit us are therefore directly contributing to conservation by choosing to stay here.  This conservancy has a dedicated anti-poaching team of trained rangers who are charged with protecting the entire eco system. The lodge also collaborates with national and regional organisations specialising in wildlife protection including  Kenya Wildlife Service, Lion Landscapes, Mpala Research Unit and the Great Grevy Trust to ensure that our data collection and monitoring efforts are shared over the entire Laikipia landscape.  The verified bird count here has reached 431 species including migrants and this landscape has been included as an Important Bird Area since 2018.


Protecting unique eco systems is something we do as a community.  We believe that through small business and mutually beneficial working relationships we can make a positive impact over time. We have long-term employment strategies, training and development, education, strict local procurement strategies, ethical operations (accredited by Eco Tourism Kenya).  This lodge works hard to prove that a commitment to sustainable activities is a powerful tool for change.  We have self-funded  annual 6 week internship at our lodge for 2 local students, giving a crucial insight into working life and creating mentoring opportunities within our team.  We also welcome school visits throughout the year free of charge.  We serve our community by creating  an annual cultural events programme, resident offers and pop up days out, We engage in career mentorship and school visits with our team and incorporate this into our guest experience ensuring that this form of tourism has a positive 'ripple effect' for those not directly employed here. Our local procurement strategy ensures  support to local producers only for anything we cannot grow ourselves.  All infrastructure projects involve large amounts of employment and are instrumental feeding grounds for new skills development and opportunities to join the team. Our team of permanent staff now numbers 24 local Kenyan professionals.


Through the exclusive use of renewable energy, 100 percent water harvesting, monitoring and metering and responsible resource use we ensure our impact on our operation has a very low footprint for a business of its size.  We operate on 100% solar energy, zero waste goals, we pioneered Kenya's first eco-swimming pool and our practices are accredited annually by Eco Tourism Kenya. We won the Eco Warrior Award in Kenya for our responsible consumption approach and our team are committed to and accountable for observing sustainable practice.   The Lodge supports a number of research and monitoring efforts throughout the region and the wider region and contribute data annually to these through our own guide monitoring practices and annual census counts for species such as Grevy Zebra and Lion. We are pioneers of a new Leopard monitoring technique using stationary mirrors and trail cameras to ID leopard and have also created an exclusion zone here to protect important tree and plant species. In January 2020 we launched a new seedling planting and reforestation project  to help stabilise the damage done by Elephants and climate change in this area.  These are just some of the ways in which this tourism operation positively benefits the environment in which we operate.



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Email: reservations@elkaramalodge.com

Phone: +254 (0) 702 996 902

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  • El Karama Wild: A Brand New Experience for 2021
    El Karama Wild: A Brand New Experience for 2021
    30 Jul, 16:00 – 01 Aug, 16:00
    Nanyuki, 6GGR6W43+QP, Nanyuki, Kenya
    A chance to get out on foot with expert guides for our first ever 2 day Lon distance walking and adventure fly camping experience. Using our brand new lightweight mobile camp, lovers of El Karama can explore these 14,000 acres in a new way. Walk. Learn. Explore.
  • El Karama Birding: The Big Day October 16/17 2021
    El Karama Birding: The Big Day October 16/17 2021
    17 Oct, 00:00 – 23:00
    Nanyuki, 6GGR6W43+QP, Nanyuki, Kenya
    The chance for you to take part in the world's largest global bird count! We are delighted to be participating in the world's biggest census for birds. In 2020, El Karama Conservancy ranked 3rd in Kenya with a full count of 192 bird species, we hope to carry on the legacy. Join us!
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